Adjective | Cul-tur-al | Cultural: Relating to the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a society. Relating to the arts and to intellectual achievements.

Bar Crawl: The act of drinking in multiple pubs, bars or restaurants in a single night, normally traveling by foot or public transport to each destination. 


Cultural Crawl is founded by three black creatives from Washington, D.C. with the goal to create a safe and inclusive space for individuals/groups to drink, eat and explore. The crawl travels nationwide in support of local businesses and the street art/murals surrounding them. The "Get up, get out & crawl" initiative encourages participants to take advantage of the event & explore what these neighborhoods have to offer by walking and/or biking to multiple locations.

Cultural Crawl participants receive a complimentary souvenir cup, exclusive drink/food specials at partnering bars/restaurants, an online & printed map to explore murals in the surrounding area. A portion of the ticket sales go directly to The CC Collective.